Math Placement Test Tutorial- Home

In order to help you prepare for the Math Placement Test, we’ve put together this free online math tutorial for Math 99, Math 101 and Math 103 that will review many concepts taught in UTP Stage I math and will be on the Math Placement Test.

You can also get a sneak peek at what the test will look like by completing the pre-test on MyMathLab as well as two sets of sample tests. You can download these from Pre-Arrival and Registration Resources, under Tutorials.

The Math Placement Test covers algebra and pre-calculus. The test will include questions from many of the following subject areas:

  • Algebra & Pre-Calculus
  • Graphs and Function
  • Polynomial Function
  • Rational Functions
  • Roots of Polynomial Functions
  • Inverse functions
  • Exponential functions
  • Logarithmic functions and properties
  • Exponential and log equations
  • Log and Exponential
  • Trigonometric functions
  • Inverse Trigonometric functions
  • Systems of Equations
  • Trigonometry and applications
  • Sequences
  • Linear functions
  • Quadratic Functions and max/min problems
  • Rational and Polynomial Functions
  • Composite and inverse functions
  • Properties of Trig functions
  • Graphs and inverse Trig functions
  • Tri Identities
  • Sum and Difference Formulas Double Angle Formulas

What are the advantages of preparing for the Math Placement Test?

  • Perform better on the test!
  • Be better prepared to start your classes!
  • Potentially save money by not having to take extra pre-university math classes!

Please let us know if you have any questions as you prepare to write the test!