COVID-19 Updates and FAQs

January (Winter) 2022 Term FAQs

Updated February 16, 2022

Q: How will the January (Winter) 2022 term be delivered?

A: The January (Winter) 2022 term will be offered both online and in person. Students who wish to study in person must meet certain established criteria prior to registration, including providing proof of full COVID-19 immunization by January 3, 2022 (extended from November 14). For those students who have not been fully vaccinated or have not yet booked their travel, received an approved visa, or still wish to continue studying remotely, these plans will also allow them to study the Winter term online from the comfort of their own home.

Note that following the University of Manitoba's announcement on December 21, all courses were shifted to remote delivery until February 26. Beginning February 28, ICM will begin a gradual return to in-person classes and activities. This plan was developed in consultation with our instructors and the University of Manitoba. Students currently enroled in courses that were originally scheduled to take place in person have received an email on February 15 updating them on the delivery method of their classes for the remainder of the Winter 2022 term. Students are encouraged to check their emails often for additional updates and information. For more information on how to learn and study safety on campus, please also refer to our Teaching and Learning Safely Student Guidebook. Additionally, an ICM Student Success Advisor will reach out to all students enroled in in-person classes to schedule a check-in as students adjust to studying on campus.

Q: Does ICM require students studying or living on campus to be fully vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine?

A: Yes. On August 19, the University of Manitoba (UM) announced additional measures being enforced in the 2021-2022 academic year to best ensure the safety of our community. These additional measures include the requirement for faculty, staff, students, and campus visitors to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Those seeking to attend campus will be required to have their first dose by September 22, 2021 and the second dose by end of October 2021. The official announcement can be read here. As ICM hosts classes and services on-campus, we will also be enforcing this vaccination requirement for those who will be living, studying, or visiting campus. Those who are intending to teach, work, or pursue studies exclusively remotely are not required to be double vaccinated; however, are encouraged to consider it for their own safety and in preparation for future on-campus attendance.

For the Winter 2022 term, students have until January 3, 2022 (extended from November 14) to upload proof of full immunization to be eligible to register in on-campus classes. We understand some students may be studying in locations where access to the vaccine may not be available at the moment. We will continue to accept proof of vaccinations past January 3, however you will be limited to remote (online) courses for Winter term. To submit your proof of vaccination please fill out the form sent to you by email. Please be advised that your personal health information will only be viewed by limited staff members at ICM and will be deleted after we record the information required for on campus presence.

More information will follow with specifics on how those who cannot receive the vaccine for medical or other reasons will be able to access services on-campus going forward.

If you would like more information on the COVID-19 vaccine please click here. We encourage all community members to seek vaccination at their earliest opportunity. All international students are eligible to obtain their COVID-19 vaccinations. Individuals can get their COVID-19 vaccine through Manitoba Health Services or on campus through University Health Services, whichever is more convenient for them.

Q: Who is considered fully vaccinated in Manitoba?

A: ICM and the University of Manitoba will follow Manitoba Health's definitions of what is considered fully vaccinated. Please refer to the latest information published on the Province of Manitoba’s website here.

It is important to note that the federal and provincial governments’ use of the term “fully vaccinated” differs.

It is therefore important to refer to both the Province of Manitoba and the Government of Canada’s websites above when planning to arrive in Canada and study in person on the University of Manitoba campus.

Q: Can I apply to ICM now?

A: Yes! Admission to our January (Winter) 2022, May (Summer) 2022, and September (Fall) 2022 intakes is open. ICM continues to recommend that students apply for their Letter of Offer as soon as possible. As students will require a confirmed visa in-hand to enter Canada in the future, they should plan to secure their Letter of Offer, accept their offer, and complete the necessary steps in order to apply for their study permit/visa as soon as possible. Visa processing times are longer than usual due to disruptions caused by COVID-19.

Q: Are visas/study permits still being processed?

A: Yes. The Canadian government is posting regular updates on its website. We encourage students to apply for their visa/study permit as soon as possible so they can avoid delays.

Q: What criteria must I meet if I wish to enrol in in-person courses for the Winter 2022 term (January-April)?

A: Students who would like the option of enroling in in-person courses for the Winter 2022 term will be required to meet all of the criteria listed below:

  • Student must submit proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by January 3, 2022
  • Student must submit the In-Person Winter Interest Form. On the In-Person Winter Interest Form, student must:
    • Confirm they hold a valid student visa;
    • Confirm they have booked travel to Winnipeg, arriving no later than January 13, 2022 (arrival date updated due to new arrival measures for fully vaccinated travellers).
  • Student must complete and submit the ICM Student Personal and Arrival Information detailing quarantine plans prior to leaving home.

Students have received links and detailed instructions on how to provide proof of meeting these criteria by email. Students who submit proof of meeting the above criteria will receive confirmation by email if they have been approved to enrol in in-person courses for the Winter 2022 term.

If you are not planning to travel or study in person (e.g. if you plan to study online only from January-April), these requirements are not applicable. Should you not meet these requirements, you may study remotely (online) for the Winter 2022 term.

Q: How can ICM support me in my arrival and quarantine planning if I am permitted to travel to Canada?

A: The safety and wellbeing of all students, instructors, and staff is a top priority and as such, it is important for everyone to follow Canadian government regulations for the COVID-19 pandemic so everyone can stay safe and healthy.

ICM has an approved COVID-19 Arrival Protocol & Safe Plan. This document goes through some important steps international travellers must take while travelling and when they arrive in Manitoba. It also guides students on how to create their 14-day quarantine plan required by the Government of Canada. The document can be downloaded here. The document is subject to change and students are recommended to again download and read the latest version of the guide prior to travelling. Eligible students who choose to travel are recommended to plan their travel during a scheduled break between terms or before their program start date to ensure their studies are not impacted. Please meet with a Student Success Advisor online using the links in your Student Portal to further discuss your arrival and quarantine questions one-on-one.

Q: Am I required to travel if I will be studying online during the Winter 2022 term?

A: We will be offering many of our courses remotely (online) for the Winter 2022 term. Students who do not wish to travel to Canada for the Winter term, or who are unable to do so, are still able to study remotely this term.

Regardless of your location, we want to ensure you have access to services to support you in your academic studies. This includes:

  • Online course options that are accessible in different time zones
  • Ongoing online Peer Education tutoring support
  • Expanded online student advising hours
  • Increased online student activities in early mornings, evenings, and weekends
  • Recorded webinars to access workshops at times that are convenient for you

Q: I’m a new student. What happens to my fees if I enrol in online courses and my visa is later refused?

A: New students can enrol and study online without a visa. If a new student does not currently have an approved visa, chooses to enrol in online courses, and their visa is later refused, their refund request would be based on the refund policy for current students - meaning they would likely be charged for the courses that they are enrolled in, even if their visa is later refused and they no longer decide to come to Canada. Please see our Fee Refund Policy.

A student who has enroled must voluntarily withdrawal, or VW, from their courses before the end of their third week of the term (as per the deadline in the Academic Calendar published in the Student Portal) if they do not want to be charged for the online courses they are studying. If their visa is refused after that time period, a student could still complete the courses they have enrolled in.

If a new student is worried about a visa refusal and they do not want to risk paying for online courses at ICM before they have an approved visa, they may wish to defer to our Summer (May) intake prior to the Withdrawal (No Financial Penalty) deadline.

Q: I'm a new student and I’m not sure if studying online is right for me – what should I do to decide?

A: This is something every student will need to consider. In addition to the online activities designed for new students to experience the digital learning environment, there is also the option to try the online courses for two or three weeks, and then choose to voluntarily withdrawal (VW) and defer before the end of the third week of the term. If a student voluntarily withdrawals before the Withdrawal Date deadline (no financial penalty) as per the Academic Calendar, they would not be charged for the courses and would not receive any academic penalties for the term. Tuition fees would be transferred at no charge for future terms of studies with ICM.

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