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May (Summer) 2021 Term FAQs

Updated January 21, 2021

Q: How will the May (Summer) 2021 term be delivered?

A: The May (Summer) 2021 term will be delivered remotely (online)*.

The University of Manitoba (UM) has announced that the Summer 2021 term will take place remotely, much like the Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 terms. While we look forward to the day when we can resume in-person classes and events, given the uncertainty of COVID-19 and with health and safety of our community members being our top priority, we have decided to follow the UM’s direction and continue with our remote delivery offering in the upcoming Summer 2021 term.

*Similar to the University of Manitoba (UM), some courses will have mandatory in-person components, some taking place during the term, while others may take part prior to the commencement of the following term. Information about courses with mandatory in-person components will be communicated to students through the Enrolment & Course Expectations Guide. Students enroled in courses with mandatory in-person components will be notified and information will be shared with these students directly.

Q: Can I apply to ICM now?

A: Yes! Applications for our May (Summer) 2021 and September (Fall) 2021 terms are open. ICM continues to recommend that students apply for their Letter of Offer as soon as possible. As students will require a confirmed visa in-hand to enter Canada when in-person studies resume in the future, they should plan to secure their Letter of Offer, accept their offer, and complete the necessary steps in order to apply for their study permit/visa as soon as possible. Visa processing times are longer than usual due to disruptions caused by COVID-19.

Q: Are visas/study permits still being processed?

A: Yes. The Canadian government is posting regular updates on its website. We encourage students to apply for their visa/study permit as soon as possible so they can avoid further delays once travel restrictions for foreign nationals are lifted and classes resume in-person.

Q: I'm a new student. Do I need a visa to enrol in courses?

A: New students do not need to have a confirmed visa in order to enrol or start their studies in the May term; however, they will need a confirmed visa in-hand to enter Canada when in-person studies resume in the future. Students should plan to apply for their visa as soon as possible, as processing times are longer than usual.

Q: I’m a new student. What happens to my fees if I enrol and my visa is later refused?

A: If a new student does not currently have an approved visa, chooses to enrol in courses, and their visa is later refused, their refund request would be based on the refund policy for current students - meaning they would likely be charged for the courses that they are enrolled in, even if their visa is refused and they no longer decide to come to Canada. Please see our Fee Refund Policy.

A student must voluntarily withdrawal, or VW, from their courses before the end of their third week of the term (as per the deadline in the Academic Calendar published in the Student Portal) if they do not want to be charged for the courses they are studying. If their visa is refused after that time period, a student could still complete the courses they have enrolled in.

If a new student is worried about a visa refusal and they do not want to risk paying for courses at ICM if they cannot join ICM, then they may wish to defer to our September intake.

Q: When should I plan to travel to Winnipeg? Can I travel to Winnipeg if I am studying remotely (online)?

A: While it is up to each student and their family to decide when to travel, we strongly recommend that students follow the travel advisories issued by their home country, as well as Canada’s policies for foreign nationals entering Canada. Since the May term will be online, we do not recommend that students plan to travel until in-person studies are confirmed to resume.

Regardless of your location, we want to ensure you have access to services to support you in your academic studies. This includes:

  • Course options that are accessible in different time zones
  • Ongoing online Peer Education tutoring support
  • Expanded online student advising hours
  • Increased online student activities in early mornings, evenings, and weekends
  • Recorded webinars to access workshops at times that are convenient for you

The Government of Canada has information about travel exemptions and restrictions for international students on its website. Travellers should not make any travel plans until they have met all requirements and received all necessary authorizations.

ICM has an approved COVID-19 readiness plan and is on the list of DLIs with an approved COVID-19 readiness plan in place. If an eligible student is considering travelling to Winnipeg, they should refer to the FAQ below for more information on safe travel protocol and how to create their 14-day quarantine plan (refer to “How can ICM support me in my arrival and quarantine planning if I am permitted to travel to Canada?” below).

Q: How can ICM support me in my arrival and quarantine planning if I am permitted to travel to Canada?

A: The safety and wellbeing of all students, instructors, and staff is a top priority and as such, it is important for everyone to follow Canadian government regulations for the COVID-19 pandemic so everyone can stay safe and healthy.

ICM has an approved COVID-19 Arrival Protocol & Safe Plan. This document goes through some important steps international travellers must take while travelling and when they arrive in Manitoba. It also guides students on how to create their 14-day quarantine plan required by the Government of Canada. The document can be downloaded here. The document is subject to change and students are recommended to again download and read the latest version of the guide prior to travelling.

Eligible students who choose to travel are recommended to plan their travel during a scheduled break between terms or before their program start date to ensure their studies are not impacted.

Q: Will my classes be presented live or will I be watching pre-recorded videos?

A: For the most part, classes will have synchronous activities and lectures, meaning that students will need to be online at their specific class times to participate in the class. This will give students the opportunity to interact with their fellow classmates and ask questions of their instructors in real-time. Classes will also often be recorded so if a student has connectivity issues or wishes to re-watch the lecture, they’ll be able to download it and watch again for future reference.

Q: Will I be able to see my classmates during class?

A: Yes, instructors will often encourage the use of webcams to facilitate group discussions and other class activities. ICM will also host an online Orientation for new students, as well as online meet-ups and other social events where students can interact with each other both using webcams and chat and make new friends before they arrive for their in-person term.

Q: What kind of academic support will you be offering?

A: Learning remotely may be a new experience for many students and ICM is committed to offering the academic programming, support, and resources our students have come to expect, regardless of delivery method. These include one-on-one online Zoom meetings with Student Success Advisors to navigate both academic and personal topics, online workshops, Peer Education tutoring support, online ‘office hours’ with instructors, and access to various digital resources to support student learning and academic success while studying remotely.

Staying connected with peers and making new friends is also an important part of the ICM experience. Our Marketing and Student Experience teams host regular online social events and meet-ups where students can get to know each other before they arrive in Winnipeg, or even before they start their studies.

Q: How will the time difference between my home country and Winnipeg be managed?

A: ICM will schedule many courses in a variety of timeslots, including morning and evening (Winnipeg time). Students are encouraged to register in courses as soon as their enrolment is open to have the best selection of both popular timeslots and courses.

Q: What happens if a student wants to join online but is impacted by connectivity issues?

A: Our instructors will develop assessments that are conducive to the remote delivery environment and not simply replicating what is being done during in-person classes. These assessments may include longer periods of time to complete and submit assignments/exams to accommodate challenges like slower internet connections.

ICM offers a Voluntary Withdrawal period that allows students who are unable to fulfill their course obligations to withdraw from courses with no academic penalty. ICM also continues to offer a Voluntary Withdrawal period with no financial penalty in the first three weeks of the term.

Q: I’m a new student. Will I be able to experience the digital learning environment before I enrol?

A: Yes! ICM’s Marketing Team will host a variety of live and asynchronous events and online demo classes leading up to the May term including webinars and free online courses like Pre-Arrival Success Strategies (PASS), which will give new students the opportunity to get first-hand experience in our online learning environment. Some activities will be available only to students with a Letter of Acceptance. Students should check their emails for instructions on how to register for these online sessions.

Q: How will courses that require practical components such as labs be delivered remotely?

A: All ICM courses that have lab components will be run in a similar mode to those running at the University of Manitoba (UM). Each course with a required lab will vary in its lab delivery, dependent on UM department approval.

Q: How will final exams be conducted remotely?

A: ICM courses that have final examinations as an assessment component will be held online. The Final Exam Schedule is typically released to students during week 6 of the term. Once a student is registered in courses, it is recommended that the student refers to their Course Outline for each course for further information.

Q: I'm a new student and I’m not sure if studying online is right for me – what should I do to decide?

A: This is something every student will need to consider. In addition to the online activities designed for new students to experience the digital learning environment, there is also the option to try the online courses for two or three weeks, and then choose to voluntarily withdrawal (VW) and defer before the end of the third week of the term. If a student voluntarily withdrawals before the Withdrawal Date deadline (no financial penalty) as per the Academic Calendar, they would not be charged for the courses and would not receive any academic penalties for the term. Tuition fees would be transferred at no charge for future terms of studies with ICM.

Q: I'm a new ICM student and I don’t want to take online classes. Can I change my start date to the next intake?

A: Yes, please request the link to the Admissions Deferral Request Form to defer your start date to our next intake. There is no fee to change your start date. New students can request to defer any time before the start of the May term.

Q: What happens if I decide to withdraw from the program?

A: As a first option, we encourage students to remain at ICM. If they wish to change the start date of their studies to a later term, they may do so with no financial or academic penalty before the end of the third week of the term. We recognize that this is an uncertain time and that students and their families may make alternate decisions. Should a student wish to voluntarily withdraw from ICM, we will honour the Fee Refund Policy. If any student has specific questions about how the policy applies to them and their personal circumstances, we would be happy to assist them.

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