COVID-19 Updates and FAQs

May (Summer) 2022 Term FAQs

Updated April 25, 2022

Q: How will the May (Summer) 2022 term be delivered?

A: The May (Summer) 2022 term will be offered both online and in person. For those students who have not yet received an approved visa or still wish to study remotely for any reason, these plans will allow them to study the Summer term online from the comfort of their own home.

Note that while ICM will endeavour to offer several course options remotely (online), some ICM courses will be delivered exclusively in-person. Information about courses with mandatory in-person components will be communicated to students through the resources shared prior to enrolment.

Q: Can I apply to ICM now?

A: Yes! Admission to our May (Summer) 2022, September (Fall) 2022, and January (Winter) 2023 intakes is open. ICM continues to recommend that students apply for their Letter of Offer as soon as possible. As students will require a confirmed visa in-hand to enter Canada in the future, they should plan to secure their Letter of Offer, accept their offer, and complete the necessary steps in order to apply for their study permit/visa as soon as possible. Visa processing times are longer than usual due to disruptions caused by COVID-19.

Q: What requirements must I meet if I wish to enrol in in-person courses for the Summer 2022 term (May-August)?

A: To enrol in in-person courses for the Summer 2022 term, students will be required to meet both criteria listed below:

  • 1. Student must have an approved visa or study permit.
  • 2. Student must arrive in Winnipeg no later than May 8.

If you planning to study online only from May to August, these requirements are not applicable. Should you not meet these requirements, you may study remotely (online) for the Summer 2022 term.

This means that if you….

  • Meet the two above requirements on enrolment day, you can enrol in in-person courses, online courses, or a combination of both.

If you…

  • Do not meet the two above requirements on enrolment day, you must enrol in remote (online) courses only.
    • Once you have enroled in online courses, you can change your timetable and enrol in in-person courses if you meet the requirements by early May.

Students may check the expected delivery method of each course section in the Enrolment & Course Expectations Guide.

Q: Does ICM require students studying on campus to be fully vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine?

A: The University of Manitoba (UM) announced that starting May 4, UM will no longer require staff, students or visitors coming to our campus to have proof of vaccination. This also applies to ICM students, staff, and visitors. ICM continues to encourage students, instructors, and staff to be fully vaccinated as well as get a third dose (booster). All international students in Manitoba are eligible to get vaccinated through Manitoba Health or on campus through University Health Service, whichever is more convenient for them.

The Government of Canada requires international students to qualify as a fully vaccinated traveller in order to enter Canada, unless they are a minor under the age of 18 years (note that minor students will still need to be fully vaccinated in order to board a domestic flight in Canada). Students traveling to Canada must also review all arrival requirements to ensure they are eligible to enter Canada. Student who plan to travel are recommended to download the COVID-19 Arrival Protocol & Safe Plan here for a guide to safely travelling to Winnipeg. Our team of Student Success Advisors are also available online using the links in your Student Portal to further discuss your arrival questions one-on-one.

On campus, the UM and ICM will continue to make the wearing of masks mandatory. UM and ICM also continues to ask anyone who is sick to stay home, and if you have a positive COVID-19 test, stay home for a minimum of five days. For more information on how to learn and study safely on campus, please also refer to our Teaching and Learning Safely Student Guidebook.

Q: How can ICM support me if I am permitted to travel to Canada?

A: The safety and wellbeing of all students, instructors, and staff is a top priority and as such, it is important for everyone to follow Canadian government regulations for the COVID-19 pandemic so everyone can stay safe and healthy.

ICM has an approved COVID-19 Arrival Protocol & Safe Plan. This document goes through some important steps international travellers should take while travelling and when they arrive in Manitoba. The document can be downloaded here. The document is subject to change and students are recommended to again download and read the latest version of the guide prior to travelling. Eligible students who choose to travel are recommended to plan their travel during a scheduled break between terms or before their program start date to ensure their studies are not impacted. Please meet with a Student Success Advisor online using the links in your Student Portal to further discuss your travel and arrival questions one-on-one.

Q: Am I required to travel if I will be studying online during the Summer 2022 term?

A: We will be offering many of our courses remotely (online) for the Summer 2022 term (May-August). Students who do not wish to travel to Canada for the Summer term, or who are unable to do so, are still able to study remotely this term.

Regardless of your location, we want to ensure you have access to services to support you in your academic studies. This includes:

  • Online course options that are accessible in different time zones
  • Ongoing online Peer Education tutoring support
  • Expanded online student advising hours
  • Increased online student activities in early mornings, evenings, and weekends
  • Recorded webinars to access workshops at times that are convenient for you

Q: I’m a new student. What happens to my fees if I enrol in online courses and my visa is later refused?

A: New students can enrol and study online without a visa. If a new student does not currently have an approved visa, chooses to enrol in online courses, and their visa is later refused, their refund request would be based on the refund policy for current students - meaning they would likely be charged for the courses that they are enrolled in, even if their visa is later refused and they no longer decide to come to Canada. Please see our Fee Refund Policy.

A student who has enroled must voluntarily withdrawal, or VW, from their courses before the end of their third week of the term (as per the deadline in the Academic Calendar published in the Student Portal) if they do not want to be charged for the online courses they are studying. If their visa is refused after that time period, a student could still complete the courses they have enrolled in.

If a new student is worried about a visa refusal and they do not want to risk paying for online courses at ICM before they have an approved visa, they may wish to defer to our Fall (September) intake prior to the Withdrawal (No Financial Penalty) deadline.

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