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Four students standing in-front of the famous Winnipeg bridge, smiling and looking at the camera.

Alumni services

Welcome to our alumni network

As an esteemed member of our ICM alumni family, you are an integral part of our legacy and ongoing success. The journey you started with us doesn’t end at your program completion; it’s a lifelong connection that continues to grow and evolve.

Discover how you can stay connected with ICM and fellow alumni.

Alumni network framework

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Prepare and enhance the transition experience of ICM students into the University of Manitoba through transition mentorship and support programming.

Professional development

Engage with your fellow alumni to connect with industry professionals for networking, career mentorship, and job referrals.


Special events to offer networking, reunion, capacity development opportunities and milestone celebrations.

Five students standing outside and smiling at the camera.

Stay connected

  • Build and extend your network
  • Connect with your classmates 
  • Employment and professional development opportunities 
  • Ease of access to information
  • Mentorship opportunities
  • Exclusive events
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Alumni spotlight

Sidhant Jain – Summer 2016

Thanks to ICM, I immigrated to Canada in search of better career opportunities and to experience the new Canadian lifestyle. During my stay in Winnipeg, I had the opportunity to get connected with a growing car rental company. ICM allowed me to strengthen my interpersonal skills through various volunteer and employment opportunities, including student, peer educator, and student teaching assistant.

A guy with glasses and blue shirt.

Dhruv Ranpura – Winter 2016

I came to Canada in 2014 and have completed a double major in Accounting and Finance since then. My journey in ICM was a success and in the process I made lots of friends and formed great connections with the ICM staff who went on to promote me as a Team Building Coordinator. I concluded my term with ICM in 2016 and was also awarded the Susan Deane Scholarship in 2016.

A person wearing a black sunglass with cap tilted back with white t-shirt, smiling on the camera.

Kseniia Volodiukhina – Summer 2022

During these COVID times, I arrived at ICM, which wasn't the best experience. However, after joining the ICM student leadership, I realized that I wasn't alone and that others needed help, just like me. This realization inspired me to break out of my shell and work on becoming a better version of myself. When I joined the Peer Education team, I knew I had made the right choice immediately. I felt confident in my abilities and knew I could contribute to the community's growth and development.

A women looking at the camera.

Tiya Garg – Fall 2022

My journey from India to Canada was an exhilarating adventure, a voyage of self-discovery. Embracing the challenge with determination, I expanded my horizons and became confident. Canada, once distant, now feels like home. At ICM, working with my Marketing Influencers team was thrilling, hosting events together filled with excitement. University life is about shared experiences and friendships, not just academics.

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Alumni Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together an FAQ page to help you get the answers to common queries regarding document requests, payment procedures, delivery options and more.

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