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Start your journey

ICM lets you begin your journey towards one of Canada’s leading universities, the University of Manitoba.

By offering additional personal and academic support, ICM helps you succeed in your studies. While the University of Manitoba lays your path with an abundance of opportunities to thrive, ICM ensures you make the most of each one of them. Make the smarter move today.


International College of Manitoba

Join students from around the world who choose to earn their degree at UM by choosing to start with ICM. Here, your journey includes much more than a soft-landing to Canada and high-quality education.

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to the most common questions about the International College of Manitoba, about your future classes, about entry requirements and more.

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Meet the staff

Meet the team of people focused on your success.

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Traditional Territories Acknowledgement

The International College of Manitoba recognizes its presence on the traditional territory of Anishinaabe (Ah- nish-in-ah-bay), Cree (Kree), Oji-Cree (Oh-jee-Kree), Dakota (Duh-koh-tuh) and Dene (De-ney) peoples, and the birthplace and homeland of the Métis (Mei-tee) Nation.

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Policy library

ICM has policies and procedures in place to protect you and your personal information, as well as to comply with legislative requirements.

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