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First term checklist

Refer to this checklist as you prepare to begin your first term. Details on these steps will also be emailed to you as you prepare for your first term.

✓ I am checking my registered personal email address regularly and carefully reading all emails/links.

✓ I have completed PASS (Pre-Arrival Success Strategies).

✓ I applied for my provincial attestation letter and study permit/visa.

✓ I applied for my visa.

✓ I have considered my accommodation options and started to make plans.

✓ I activated my ICM Student Portal and Student Portal email address.

✓ I completed my outstanding pre-enrolment tasks.

✓ I have read through the information on enrolment and program planning.

✓ I have read through the instructions on how to enrol.

✓ I enrolled in my courses as soon as enrollment opened.

✓ I completed my Orientation Essentials Modules.

✓ I downloaded the ICM Student Handbook found in the ICM Student Portal and familiarized myself with the important dates and deadlines for my term listed on the Academic Schedule (also found in the ICM Student Portal).

✓ I received my visa approval and travelled to Winnipeg.

✓ I attended Orientation.

✓ I am ready to attend the first day of class!

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