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Alumni Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our alumni FAQ page.

Here you’ll find answers to common queries regarding document requests, payment procedures, delivery options and more. Whether you’re seeking official transcripts or wondering about updating your information, we’ve got you covered. Take a moment to explore the information below, and if you have further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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How do I obtain a document?

You can obtain an official document using the Document Request Form to submit your application. Please note that a submitted document request form will not be processed until a payment is made through a separate payment portal.

What documents are available for P students?

Official Transcripts and Completion Letters

What types of transcripts are available?

There are two types: Official Transcript and Unofficial Transcript. An Official Transcript is issued by the institution with an official stamp of authentication. An Unofficial Transcript is a student-generated copy without an official institutional authentication stamp.

All Alumni have access to an unofficial transcript on the Student Portal at no charge. We encourage students to verify if they require an official transcript, as the online self-serve options may save you time and money if an official record is not required. Please also check if an emailed copy will suffice or if you require a hard copy mailed or couriered to you instead.

How much does a document cost?

Each document costs $15 (CAD)

How do I pay?

Use the Flywire payment portal on our website by clicking on Admissions and selecting /Payment Options.

Payment methods vary depending on the bank used for payment and/or the country where the payment is originating from, but mainly online bill pay, bank transfer, debit and credit card payments are available through Flywire.

How long will it take to receive a document?

A 24-hour rush service is available for an additional fee of $10 (CAD). THIS EXCLUDES HOLIDAYS AND WEEKENDS (Paying rush service for mail or courier delivery will only increase how soon we are able to have the document picked up, but it does not affect the delivery time.)

Document requests are processed twice a week. Forms received prior to Tuesdays at 3 P.M. will be processed on Wednesdays. Forms received before Thursdays at 3 P.M. will be processed on Fridays.

What are the methods of delivery?

Document mail delivery to another institution or home address is available for $5 additional fee. We use Canada Post and do not provide a tracking number. Locally or within Canada, please allow 7 business days for delivery.

Courier services are also available for an extra charge. Please email BEFORE submitting this form with a subject heading COURIER ESTIMATE with the address and phone number at that address, and our team will respond with a cost estimate. You will be required to pay the courier cost provided to you by when requesting a courier service plus the document(s) fee. We use FedEx to courier all documents.

What are some reasons that impact my document request?

Please ensure that you do not have an outstanding balance; otherwise, you will be asked to make the payment before receiving the documents.

Ensure you update you’re your contact information on the Student Portal, as it will appear on your transcript. You can do so by logging on to the Student Portal then go to Student Resources->Student Profile->Edit Contact Details.

NOTE! When submitting the form, it may take a few minutes to fully submit the form. Please do not CLOSE the browser/tab after clicking the “Submit” button. Wait until the message “Success! Your submission has been saved!” appears. Once that appears, you can close the tab/browser.

How do I apply for a paid position at ICM?

Please visit the ICM Jobs page to see and apply to current employment opportunities.

How do I update/change my information in ICM records?

Please complete the Status Update Form to update/change your information. This form can also be used to update your status.

Alternatively, you can update your contact information on the Student Portal by logging on to the Student Portal, then go to Student Resources->Student Profile->Edit Contact Details.

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