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How to enrol

One of the most important steps as you prepare for your first day at ICM is to enrol in your first term courses!

You can enrol in your first term course approximately one month before Orientation using your account on the Student Portal. You will be emailed important information about enrolment leading up to Orientation.

In addition to these useful emails, below are some frequently asked questions that will assist you in selecting your first term courses.

Student Portal

How do I access my Student Portal?
Your Student Portal will be one of your most important tools during your studies at ICM. This is where you will enrol in courses, receive important updates, and check your grades. If you need help using your Student Portal, download the Student Portal Tutorial.

Course selection

When does enrolment begin for new students?
Enrolment for new students will begin approximately one month before Orientation. You will be emailed the date and time that course enrolment will open for your intake.

Which courses should I select in my first term?
Download the First Term Course Selection Guide for a complete guide to which courses are recommended for your program in your first term. To learn more about your recommended courses, view the ICM Course Descriptions.

How many courses should I enrol in?
Whether you are in your first term of a UTP Stage I or a Stage II program, you must enrol in Integrated Learning Skills (ILS) plus a minimum of three courses and a maximum of four courses, as recommended in the First Term Course Selection Guide.
Students who complete the Pre-Arrival Success Strategies course with a specific score and/or students who excel in courses in their ICM studies may be eligible to take a maximum of five courses in a term.

I am in a Stage II program but need to enrol in Stage I math (MTH099 or MTH103). Which courses should I choose?

If you are in Stage II but need to enrol in MTH099 or MTH103, you should choose:

  • ILS
  • MTH099 or MTH103 (as required on your Student Portal)
  • 2-3 other courses for your program that are not blocked, such as electives. Refer to the First Term Course Selection Guide

Which courses should I do if I want to change from UTP Stage II: Science to UTP Stage II: Engineering?

If you are interested in changing from UTP Stage II: Science to UTP Stage II: Engineering at ICM, you must first achieve the following in Stage II: Science:

  1. Earn a minimum grade of B in the following three courses:
    • MATH 1500: Introduction to Calculus
    • CHEM 1100: Introductory Chemistry 1: Atomic and Molecular Structure and Energetics
    • PHYS 1050 Physics 1: Mechanics
  2. Maintain an average GPA of 3.0 out of 4.5
  3. Have a maximum of 9 credit hours of F or D grades at ICM

If you are enroling in your first term of UTP Stage II: Science but want to change to UTP Stage II: Engineering, it is recommended you enrol in ILS plus subjects recommended for UTP Stage II: Engineering as found in the First Term Course Selection Guide.

Note: You are not permitted to enrol in MATH1210, ENG1440, ENG1450 or ENG1460 if you are not a UTP Stage II: Engineering student. You can enrol in these courses once you successfully change to Stage II: Engineering.


Why am I blocked from enroling in certain courses?

You may be blocked from enroling in all courses or certain courses because:

If a course has a prerequisite, you must first successfully complete the prerequisite course(s) before you can enrol (i.e., MTH103). This may apply to students who did not take year-12 math, certain year-12 science subjects or did not earn a minimum of 60% in those subjects and want to enrol in Stage II math or science subjects.

If a course has a corequisite, you must enrol in both courses at the same time if you have not already completed the corequisite.

Please email if you are in UTP Stage II and need to enrol in CHM100 or PHY100 as a prerequisite.

What do I do if a course I want to take is full?

If a class that you are interested in is full, you should choose other courses for your program and finalize your enrolment ASAP, as your place is not saved in a course until you select “Finalize Enrolment”.

Once you have enroled, you may continue to check the Student Portal to see if any space becomes available in your desired courses. Since other students will be changing courses or deferring their intake due to visa delays, spots often open. You are strongly encouraged to check frequently until you can enrol in the course you are interested in.

If there is a course that does not become available, you can enrol in it in future terms.

What do I do if a course I’m required to enrol in is full?

If a course you are required to enrol in is full (i.e., you cannot finalize your enrolment without selecting that subject), you should send an email to

In your email, please include your name, ICM Student ID, your program, the course you are required to enrol in, the reason you must enrol in it, and the other 2-3 courses you would like to enrol in (note that these courses must have space and must fit in your timetable).

I’ve selected my courses but I’m receiving an error message. Why?

Does the course conflict with another course in your timetable?

  • If so, please check for availability in other sections of the course. If no other sections are available, you will need to select another course that does not conflict with your timetable.

Are you trying to enrol in MATH1210, ENG1440, ENG1450 or ENG1460?

  • If you are not in UTP Stage II: Engineering, you cannot choose MATH1210, ENG1440, ENG1450 or ENG1460. You will not be permitted to choose those courses until you are in the Stage II: Engineering program.

Do you have a Stage I math condition?

  • If so, you must first write the Math Placement Test and register in the required UTP Stage I math course you are placed in. You cannot register in most UTP Stage II math or science subjects until you meet the prerequisite for the courses(s).

Are you trying to enrol in ENGL1400, ARTS1110, PHIL1290, COMP1010, COMP1012, ENG1460, POLS1520, MKT2210, INTB2200 or HRIR 2440?

  • You cannot enrol in these subjects in your first term at ICM. For COMP1012, only UTP Stage II: Engineering students can enrol in this subject in their first term.

Finalizing enrolment and next steps

I’ve selected my courses. How do I finalize my enrolment?
Once you’ve selected your courses, you must select “Finalize enrolment” at the bottom of the enrolment screen. You will then see your courses in your timetable.

Are the fees associated with my chosen courses included in my initial deposit?
Yes, the tuition fees for your first term courses will be covered by your initial deposit to ICM. If you are receiving an error message relating to your account balance, please contact

When does enrolment close?
You must enrol in courses as soon as possible. Download the Academic Calendar from your Student Portal for important dates for your term, including the last day to enrol in courses or make changes to your timetable. ICM cannot guarantee there will be space in your desired courses if you enrol late.

How do I unenrol from a course?
To unenrol from a single course, open the Student Portal, go to your “Enrolment” tab, select the course you want to unenrol from, click “unenrol”, select the new course you wish to enrol in (if required), and finally click “Finalize enrolment.”

How do I deregister myself from all my courses?
You must email to request to be deregistered from all your courses in the case of visa delays or other situations.

I have a question that hasn’t been answered on this page. Who can I contact?
If you have any other questions about enrolment, or anything else as you prepare for ICM, please contact us at We are happy to help!

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