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As an ICM student, you have a variety of resources and supports available to you during your academic journey.

Your academic success and well-being are important to us. That’s why we provide the support you need to maintain a balanced lifestyle and achieve your full potential.

Student Success Advisors
Our Student Success Advisors are the first stop for students searching for resources on any aspect of their student life. Advisors direct students to resources for academic help, support with adjusting to life in a new environment, mental health and wellness resources and any other relevant topics. ICM regularly conducts workshops for students, such as how to budget and manage your finances to tenant rights and responsibilities. There is a large array of advice and resources available each term. You can find out about what is coming up in the Events Calendar.

Peer Educators
If you are looking for peer tutoring support, ICM has an amazing program provided through Student Leadership called the Peer Education program. In this program, peers who have taken certain academic subjects and performed exceedingly well in them are available to tutor you in your courses. This tutoring help is free and is a great support if you need extra help with a certain subject. This is a program for students, by students.

Peer Advisors
Peer Advisors (PAs) offer direct support to students through a variety of services including:

  • One-on-One Mentorship
    Interested in being matched with a trained and experienced student who will serve as a mentor in supporting your preparation to join ICM? It is an opportunity to get connected with a mentor one month before the start of your first term and will remain your buddy for the entire duration of the term. They will provide valuable information in helping you prepare and succeed in your first term and in settling into campus and community life. Broad information in relation to enrolment, housing, banking, phone plans, campus tour, public transportation, etc.
  • PA Assist Chat
    Have a quick question about your program, other campus, and community resources? Connect with the Peer Advising student group via their Telegram private group chat, enter your question, and a Peer Advisor will contact you directly to assist you. You can access the Telegram chat through the Student Portal.
  • ICM Students Virtual Chat
    When you officially join ICM, you will get access to a virtual ICM student community group chat on Telegram. This is a space to meet, network and building connections with other students.

Integrated Learning Skills (ILS)
Integrated Learning Skills (ILS) is a free course specifically designed to equip new students with the necessary learning skills to excel in their university studies in Canada. Each student at ICM will enrol in ILS during their first term, providing them with all the essential skills needed to thrive in an undergraduate degree program and navigate a university setting with ease. With ILS, students are well-prepared to succeed in their academic journey and beyond.

Kelvin and his experience as a International College of Manitoba student

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