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What is a prerequisite or corequisite? 

If a course you are looking at taking has a prerequisite, it means you must first successfully complete the noted pre-requisite course(s) before you can enrol in the course you want to take. You can learn more about ICM’s courses including prerequisites.

If a course you are looking at taking has a corequisite, you must enrol in both courses at the same time if you have not already completed the corequisite.

The ICM course description PDF indicates which prerequisites or corequisites must be met in order to enrol in a course at ICM.

What if I don’t have the prerequisite required for one of my courses? 

You can proceed with your university studies while upgrading your skills to meet International Year One (UTP Stage II) course prerequisites.

If you do not meet the prerequisites for studying International Year One (UTP Stage II) Math or certain science courses, for example, you can enrol in the Foundation (UTP Stage I) prerequisite course(s) with other university-level courses.

There are fees for Foundation (UTP Stage I) prerequisite courses.

Mathematics prerequisites 

In general, you must have successfully completed mathematics at a year 12 level (or equivalent) to enter International Year One (UTP Stage II). If you do not meet this requirement, you can upgrade your math skills at ICM by taking the Foundation (UTP Stage I) Math course in your first term alongside International Year One (UTP Stage II) courses.

Before enrolling in a Foundation (UTP Stage I) Math course, students will write the Math Placement Test online. More information about the Math Placement Test is available.

In addition, the following math course enrolment prerequisites apply:

Science course prerequisites 

Acceptance in certain International Year One (UTP Stage II) science courses at ICM is subject to successfully completing year 12 (or equivalent) in those and other subjects with a minimum grade.

The following course enrolment prerequisites apply:

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