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Math placement test – Math 103

This course provides students with a chance to master key concepts in pre-calculus mathematics (grade 12 math) and its applications. It also introduces students to calculus in a highly supportive atmosphere in order to prepare them to succeed in first year math calculus and science courses. Content includes review of algebra, functions and graphs, composite and inverse functions, polynomial and rational functions, log and exponential functions, trigonometric and its inverse functions, sum/difference formula and double angle formula.

Below is a list of different concepts that will be reviewed in the class, along with some helpful videos from the popular Khan Academy website, a free online resource.

*MATH 101 and MATH 103 are currently be offered in alternating terms.

Review of algebra

Practice exercises include Pythagorean Theorem and its Converse, Right triangle, Congruent Triangles, Geometry Formulas, Similar Triangles.

Here are links to the study material:

Review of algebra, graphs and functions

Practices in complex numbers, quadratic equations in the complex number system, lines, and functions.

Functions & polynomial functions

This section covers library of functions piecewise-defined functions, transformations and polynomials. Also, students should understand rational function properties, graphs of rational functions, polynomials and rational inequalities.

Roots of polynomials & long equations

Students should understand the applications and types of logs and exponentials.

Trigonometric functions

This section reviews the unit circle approach in trigonometric functions as well as the inverse trig functions.

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