Preparing for your first day of classes

One month before you begin your studies at ICM, you will be asked to register for courses using our online course registration system. Here is what you need to know.


Is your personal email address up to date?

ICM will contact students by email to provide them with important information about their next steps. These emails will be sent directly to the personal email address entered on your application form.

If you are unsure which email address was entered on your application, please refer to your signed Acceptance of Offer form. If you need to update your email address, please contact us immediately.

Math Placement Test and Math Skills Assessment

A month before course registration, UTP Stage I students as well as UTP Stage II students required to enrol in UTPI Math (noted on their Letter of Offer) will be invited to take the Math Placement Test. This test must be completed before they can register for courses.

To learn more about the Math Placement Test, please visit  

UTP Stage II students who have successfully completed year 12 math may be invited to practise their math skills prior to starting their studies with our free, online Math Skills Assessment. A link to the assessment will be emailed to eligible students about a month before course registration opens.

Online course registration

Approximately five weeks before the start of the semester, students will receive an email from ICM with detailed instructions about course registration.

In order to register in courses, students must ensure that they have cleared any remaining conditions on their Letter of Offer, such as providing an IELTS score, certified copies of transcripts, or final results from your current high school studies. If you have a condition on your Letter of Offer and you are unsure how to meet the condition, please send an email to the ICM Marketing staff member you have been in contact with, or to and be sure to provide your ICM Student ID number. Your ICM Student ID number is listed on the Letter of Offer in the top left hand corner.

ICM provides more information on our website which will help guide students in which courses to register in for their first semester here.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the course offerings and not knowing which courses to choose?

Don't worry, when we send out the detailed course registration email, we will also let you know which subjects you should be selecting in your first semester. Once you have arrived at ICM, you can have detailed course planning and progression discussions with the ICM Student Success Advisors, as well as attend information sessions about different faculties throughout the year.


Orientation is mandatory. This is a great way to meet many other students from around the world, while you receive crucial information about starting your university career! Full details will be emailed to all new students, but a list of upcoming Orientation dates can be found here:

Remember - all new students must arrive in Winnipeg in time to attend Orientation! Any student who cannot make this deadline will need to defer their application to our next intake. The reason we don’t allow for late arrivals is that historically students who arrive late, even by just a few days, have had a difficult time adjusting to their new environment and catching up with their workload. If you haven’t received your visa in time to attend Orientation, please contact us immediately to deregister you from classes and defer your start date to our next available intake.