Understanding your offer

Congratulations on receiving your Letter of Offer to ICM, your pathway to the University of Manitoba. This page will guide you in understanding your offer. 

Your offer letter outlines:

1: English language programming (if required)

If you do not meet the minimum English language requirements for your desired program at ICM, you may be required to enrol in one of the University of Manitoba's English language programs to improve your proficiency. For more information, visit our English Language Requirements page.

2: Your ICM program

This section outlines your ICM academic program, duration, start dates, end dates, and fees.

  • UTP Stage I: This foundation program bridges secondary school and undergraduate studies. It’s designed to adequately prepare you for entry to university level programs. If you do not see this on your offer letter, then this means you qualify for UTP Stage II.
  • UTP Stage II: This is the first year of your University of Manitoba degree. Upon successful completion of this program, if you satisfy university admission requirements and deadlines and achieve the specified minimum GPA, you can progress to the second year of your degree. Admission to some degree programs will be on a competitive basis and subject to quotas.

I have a UTPI Math condition, what does this mean?

If you did not take math in year 12 (or equivalent), or scored less than 60% in year 12 math (or equivalent), you will need to take the UTP Stage I Math course (pre-university math) in your first term at ICM. You will be asked to write the Math Placement Test online one to two months before your intake begins. For more information on your Math Placement Test click here

I have applied for UTP Stage II: Engineering but have received a Letter of Offer for UTP Stage II: Science, why?

This is due to one of the following reasons:

  • You are starting your studies in UTP Stage I (refer to UTP Stage I Program Planning Guide for information)
  • You have not yet submitted your final year 12 results
  • Your final results do not meet the academic requirements to enter UTP Stage II: Engineering (an average of 75% in year 12 Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics with no grade lower than 70% or equivalent)

If you are interested in changing to UTP Stage II: Engineering from UTP Stage II: Science at ICM, you must first achieve the following:

  • 1. Earn a minimum grade of B in the following three courses* in UTP Stage II: Science:
    • MATH 1500 - Introduction to Calculus
    • CHEM 1100 - Introductory Chemistry 1: Atomic and Molecular Structure and Energetics
    • PHYS 1050 - Physics 1: Mechanics
  • 2. Maintain an average GPA of 3.0 out of 4.5
  • 3. Have a maximum of 9 credit hours of F or D grades at ICM

*If you don’t meet the prerequisite requirements for these subjects, you mary complete the UTPI equivalent course(s)to meet the prerequisite. Visit our Prerequisites page for more information.

3: Your University of Manitoba program

Progression to all second-year University of Manitoba programs is not guaranteed. Some faculties have specific course requirements for progression to second year and some are competitive. it is important that you understand what is required to progress to the second year of your desired program. If you do not meet the course or GPA requirements or deadlines for your desired faculty you may have the opportunity to progress to a different faculty which does not have as strict entrance requirements.

For information on your University of Manitoba academic program, tuition fees, and how to progress to second year studies, please click here

4: Program start dates

For more information on ICM’s important dates please click here

*Please note that students must attend their Orientation and late arrivals are not permitted. The reason we don’t allow for late arrivals is that historically students who arrive late, even by just a few days, have had a difficult time adjusting to their new environment and catching up with their workload. As academic success is our top priority, we do not allow students to arrive late. If you are not able to arrive on time, please contact info@icmanitoba.ca

5: Tuition fees

To fully accept the offer to study at ICM, you must pay all fees and charges in full as stated in the Letter of Offer. These include partial program fees (usually half a year's fees), student services fee and English Language program fees (if applicable). Payments should be made in Canadian Dollars to the International College of Manitoba. For more information on tuition fees, payment options, and other fees and charges, please click here.

*Note that tuition fees do not include prerequisite courses, labs, accommodation and other compulsory student fees

6: Other outstanding conditions (if applicable)

Conditions must be cleared prior to enroling. Some conditions include:

  • Certified original copies of academic transcripts
  • Graduation certificate or diploma
  • Acceptance of offer
  • Other conditions may be applicable
  • Contact info@icmanitoba.ca for more information on the conditions outlined in your Letter of Offer

7: Accepting your offer

Attached to your Letter of Offer is the Acceptance of Offer Form. You will need to complete and sign this form and return it to ICM together with your payment.

Upon receipt of payment, your place at ICM will be confirmed in writing. You will then electronically receive your Letter of Acceptance and payment receipt.

To check the average visa processing time in your country, check out the Government of Canada's website.

Please visit our How to accept your offer page for more information.