Recognised as one of Canada's premier universities, the University of Manitoba has the largest growing rate of international students in Canada where students are supported by world-class facilities and infrastructure.

University of Manitoba

Photo by: Ms. Alia Youssef

Welcome to the University of Manitoba

I would like to welcome International College of Manitoba (ICM) students to Western  Canada’s oldest university. Since 1877 the University of Manitoba has been at the centre of post-secondary education in our province, and has adhered to its core philosophy that access to the best education must be available to all who have the ability to benefit by it, regardless of sex, race, creed, language or nationality.

The partnership between ICM and the University of Manitoba, which came into effect in 2008, is designed to offer eligible students a pathway to the University of Manitoba. I hope that when you join the University of Manitoba after you have successfully completed your studies with ICM, you achieve everything that you hoped for when you decided to study abroad.

I wish you every success as you embark on your studies at ICM.

Michael Benarroch, Ph. D.
President and Vice-Chancellor

University of Manitoba

Why the University of Manitoba?

Your pathway to the University of Manitoba

High School


2nd Year University of Manitoba


ICM is your pathway to Western Canada’s oldest university, the University of Manitoba (U of M). With a strong legacy of excellence, the U of M is a leader in Manitoba’s knowledge economy with groundbreaking research in areas such as nanotechnology, functional foods and nutraceuticals, HIV/AIDS and climate change.

Practical Paid Work Experience
Following ICM completion, once you are at the UM you may have the opportunity to apply to a Co-operative Education Program (Co-op). Co-ops combine classroom knowledge with practical paid work experience to further enhance your skills. You’ll walk away with the training you need to set you apart when you hit the job market.

Students who work in the Co-op program develop networks and career opportunities that help them find jobs quicker and receive higher salaries than students who graduate without the Co-op program. Co-op programs are available in several areas. Visit for full details.

A Premier Research University
UM is among Canada’s top research institutions, combining in-class knowledge with practical applications and fieldwork with professionals in dozens of fields, called the U15. Along with colleagues from universities such as UBC, McGill and the University
of Toronto, the U15 is a strong voice for promoting research incentives within the university sectors. Visit to learn more.

UM students not only receive world-class instruction from award-winning professors and researchers. They also have the opportunity to work alongside these great minds, gaining research experience at the undergraduate level.

Study Here, Stay Here
When you graduate from UM, you may qualify for a work permit and, later, permanent residency. Click this link for more information: