Upcoming Intake FAQs

May (Summer) 2023 Term FAQs

Updated February 28, 2023

We have put together this FAQ page to help you get the answers to the questions you may have about ICM’s upcoming intake. If your questions remain unanswered, please reach out to our team to assist you further. If you are a new/prospective student, please contact info@icmanitoba.ca. If you are a current student or alumni, please contact advisor@learning.icmanitoba.ca.


How will the May (Summer) 2023 term be delivered?

ICM will primarily be in-person for the Summer term. This means the majority of courses will be delivered on campus. A very small number of remote (online) courses will be available only for students in certain programs who are not yet able to travel to Winnipeg for their first term. 

Students in UTP Stage II: Engineering are required to study in person. This may include students in UTP Stage II: Science who plan to change into UTP Stage II: Engineering in the future.

For all other programs, note that remote (online) course options will be limited and most ICM courses will be delivered exclusively in person. More information about this will be communicated to students through the resources shared prior to and during enrolment.


I’m planning to study in person. When should I arrive for the May (Summer) 2023 term?

Students are recommended to plan their travel during a scheduled break between terms or before their program start date to ensure their studies are not impacted.

New students are recommended to arrive in Winnipeg in late April or early May before Orientation happening on May 4-5 and no later than May 7. Classes start May 8.

It’s also advisable to coordinate your arrival with the move-in date for your accommodations or plan to stay in a hotel until you can move into your accommodations.

If you will arrive before April 25, new students are strongly encouraged to purchase extended medical coverage for early arrival (for example, Guard.Me). Our team of Student Success Advisors are available online using the links in your Student Portal to further discuss your arrival questions one-on-one.


Is there a minimum number of terms a student must study in person in order to complete their ICM program?

Yes, ICM has an on-campus learning requirement. The number of terms that a student is required to complete in person is based on when they are set to complete their ICM program. Please see the chart below for clarification:

Term of ICM Program Completion On-Campus Learning Requirement
Fall 2022, ex. December 2022 Minimum one term on-campus
Winter 2023, ex. April 2023 Minimum one term on-campus
Summer 2023, ex. August 2023 Minimum two terms on-campus

The reason for this requirement is to ensure that students become familiar with campus, on-campus resources, and the greater Winnipeg community prior to the commencement of their studies at the University of Manitoba and allow them to focus on their second year of studies without the added stressors of trying to navigate brand new surroundings. Should you have any questions or concerns about this requirement, please connect one-on-one with a Student Success Advisor using the links in your Student Portal.

While the on-campus learning requirement won’t impact a student’s eligibility to complete the ICM program, failure to meet the on-campus learning requirement may impact your application to UM.


I’m a new student. What happens to my fees if I enrol in online courses and my visa is later refused?

New students can choose to enrol and study online without a visa. If a new student does not currently have an approved visa, chooses to enrol in online courses, and their visa is later refused, their refund request would be based on the refund policy for current students - meaning they would likely be charged for the courses that they are enrolled in, even if their visa is later refused and they no longer decide to come to Canada. Please see our Fee Refund Policy.

A student who has enroled must submit the necessary forms and documentation in order to voluntarily withdrawal, or VW, from their courses by May 28, 2023 at 11:59PM Winnipeg time (as per the Withdrawal Date (no financial penalty) deadline the Academic Calendar published in the Student Portal) if they do not want to be charged for the online courses they are studying.

If a new student is worried about a visa refusal and they do not want to risk paying for online courses at ICM before they have an approved visa, they may wish to defer to our September (Fall) intake prior to the Withdrawal Date (no financial penalty) deadline.


What COVID-19 safety measures are in place on the campus?

The safety and wellbeing of our students, instructors, and staff are top priority. When it comes to studying safely on campus, ICM and UM are continuing to make the wearing of masks mandatory when indoors on campus. Please refer to UM’s website for details on mask use on campus.

UM and ICM also encourages students, instructors, and staff to be fully vaccinated as well as get boosters. All international students in Manitoba are eligible to get vaccinated through Manitoba Health or on campus through University Health Service.

Both ICM and UM also continue to ask anyone who is sick to stay home, and if you have a positive COVID-19 test, stay home for a minimum of five days.

For more information on how to learn and study safely on campus, please also refer to our Teaching and Learning Safely Student Guidebook.