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Math placement test – Math 99

An introductory math course focusing on equations, factoring, rational exponents, analytical geometry and trigonometry.

Students starting their math studies at ICM in MATH 99 will also need to complete MATH 101 or MATH 103 before being eligible to take university-level math.

Below is a list of different concepts that will be reviewed in the class, along with some helpful videos from the popular Khan Academy website, a free online resource.

*MATH 101 and MATH 103 are currently be offered in alternating terms.

Basic Arithmetic and Algebra Concepts

Practice exercises include concepts of arithmetic and pre-algebra. View links to the study material.

Equations, Inequalities & Problem Solving

Practices in basic equations and inequalities solving.

Exponents and Polynomials

This section covers terms, coefficients and exponents in polynomial.

Factoring, Rational Expressions & Equations

Practices include solving quadratic equations by factoring, simplifying rational expressions, and solving rational equations.

Coordinate Geometry, Equations, & Roots

Students should understand coordinate plane, solving system of equations with substitutions and elimination, radicals, roots and scientific notations.

Quadratic Equations & Trigonometry

This section reviews solving quadratics by different methods and basic trigonometry.

Geometry Formulas

This section reviews basic geometrical concepts.

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